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Having bean fortunate enough to stay employed in the same industry (printing) all my life I could say I know a few things about what I do.

I do printing...all types of printing.

Somewhere, somehow, you have found me, either thru an email I sent, thru a friend of a friend whom I might have done work for, a referral, or an existing client....this is how I get my customers. Word of mouth and producing and selling a quality product for a reasonable price goes a long way. JOE the PRINTING GUY would like nothing more than to have the opportunity to work with you and for you.

I have a pretty simple way of doing things, the KISS method. I keep it simple from the start. Less people involved with a project usually results in a far superior product.

If you should find a need (printing need) then give me a call or email. I would be more than happy to service you.

• Business Cards  
• Booklets  
• Bookmarks  
• Brochures  
• Calendars  
• Catalogs  
• CD Inserts  
• Club Flyers  
• Collectors Cards
• Door Hangers  
• DVD Packaging  
• Envelopes  
• Event Tickets  
• Flyers  
• Gift Certificates 
• Hang Tags  
• Letterhead  
• Mini Menus  
• Notepads
• Postcards  
• Posters  
• Press Kits  
• Rackcards  
• Rip-Business Cards  
• Roll Labels  
• Rolodex Cards  
• Staggered Cut Flyers
• Stickers  
• Table Tents  
• Tent Business Cards
• Vinyl Banners
   and MUCH MORE..!
(if you don't see it, ask for it!)